Richmond Virginia's Thriving Orthodox Synagogue...come grow with us.
6300 Patterson Avenue Richmond VA 23226 - (804) 288-7953


Staying & Shopping in Richmond

Feel free to contact the Shul at 804-288-7953
if you need home hospitality.
Click on the addresses below to map their locations.

The Weinstein JCC Cafe (meat)
Gelati Celesti (Gold's Gym Plaza)
Richmond , VA  23294
804 346-0038
Krispy Kreme Doughnut Shop
doughnuts produced at this location are kosher dairy, under the Va'ad. (cholov stam)
 Westbury Market 
Kosher section in the back with a selection of packaged cheeses, packaged deli meats, packaged salads, frozen chicken, frozen kosher prepared food etc, with Cholov Yisroel products sometimes available.
Ginger Juice (commercial cold pressed-juice product served locally)
2900 Kensington Avenue Richmond, Virginia

Hotels (Outside the Eruv)

Courtyard Marriott
6400 West Broad St.
1.5 mi from KBI

Richmond Magnuson Hotel
6531 West Broad Street
Richmond, VA 23230
1.4 mi from KBI 

Residence Inn
2121 Dickens Rd.
2.0 mi from KBI

The Westin Richmond
6631 West Broad St.
1.8 mi from KBI