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March 12, 2015

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We are excited to provide you with seven new projects that you have the opportunity to fund. The opportunities are as follows:

1)   Provide convention costs for a teenager - $250

·      Keneseth Beth Israel has many teens who attend NCSY conventions.  Your donation will help cover transportation, hotel, and admission expenses for these teens.

2)   Contribute membership dues for a family who cannot afford them - $1,000

·      During this tough economic time, unfortunately, membership dues are one of the family budget items that are cut. Your donation will help make it so no one is denied opportunity to become a member of Keneseth Beth Israel.

3)   Enable a summer program for teens - $1,500

·      Going to Israel can change a person's life. Keneseth Beth Israel wants to change the lives of our teens. Your donation will help send our teens to Israel and will help mold their Jewish life.

4)   Fund a speaker or scholar in residence - $2,000

·      Keneseth Beth Israel would love to have the resources available to have a speaker or scholar in residence to study with and speak to the congregation. Your donation will fund this effort.

5)   Supply a cantor for the High Holidays - $2,500

·      The Jewish tradition is based heavily on song, and a cantor at our High Holiday services would make the most special time of the year even more exceptional. Your donation will help enhance the high holiday experience for everyone at Keneseth Beth Israel

6)   Sponsor a women’s mission trip to Israel - $3,000

·      Women’s mission trips to Israel are structured to help empower women to change the world. Your donation will allow the women of Keneseth Beth Israel to accomplish just that after returning from Israel.

7)   Dedicate a room at Keneseth Beth Israel - $10,000

·      Would you like to leave your legacy at Keneseth Beth Israel? Is there a better way than to dedicate a room in the shul? Your donation will allow your legacy to be left upon Keneseth Beth Israel and enable the congregation to continue to enhance the Richmond Jewish community.


Your continued contribution is essential to our community’s outstanding success and progress. Thank you for your support. 


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If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact me.


We look forward to seeing you at shul soon.


Best regards,

Rabbi Dovid Asher

Keneseth Beth Israel