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KBI Scouts Pack/Troop 613


Girl  Scout Troop:

Anyone interested with girls ages 5-14 and/or in grades K-8 can contact Heni Stein:  henibt18@comcast.net

Cub Scouts:

Anyone interested with boys ages 7-10 and/or in grades 1-5 can contact Yisrael Fletcher: wfletcher7@gmail.com or Russ Stein:  russ613@comcast.net

Boy Scouts:

Anyone interested with boys ages 11-18 can contact Russ Stein:  russ613@comcast.net

Seeking Cub Scout Pack Volunteers - Our community is seeking Volunteers who can share their time to help with our Cub Scout Den Meetings. Please consider volunteering to help us provide the best program for the Cub Scouts.  Whether you have a son in the Pack or not, you can share your skills, knowledge and experience with our youth of tomorrow!  If interested, please contact:  Yisrael Fletcher at 202-288-5373 or Russ Stein at 804-651-5359.

Must be 18 years of age or over.


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