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Since our inception in 1856, Keneseth Beth Israel (KBI) fosters a thriving, growing center of traditional Judaism in Richmond. Nurturing personal Jewish growth, religious observance and creating community connections, KBI is the spiritual home for our congregants and for all Jews in Richmond.

KBI provides a vibrant, positive approach to Jewish life and the building of community. We offer programming for people of every age and level of knowledge as a way of increasing engagement with each other and our Jewish family. Whether through life cycle celebrations or to support one another during life’s challenges, KBI is always there for its congregants.

LEGACY CHAI CIRCLE helps to insure the future of KBI as the thriving, growing center of traditional Judaism in Richmond. Our legacy donors are individuals just like you who want to fulfill our promise to future generations of Jews in Richmond to continue our vibrant shul as a place of worship, spiritual growth, and lifelong learning. By creating a legacy, you will plant the seed from generation to generation – L’Dor V’Dor – making a difference for many years to come. Legacy gifts are after lifetime gifts through bequests, life insurance policies or other vehicles that meet the need of the donor.

Please join our Legacy Chai Circle. By doing so you will:

  • Help ensure that Richmond always has a traditional synagogue
  • Make a difference for those who want a Jewish center for Torah study and living a Torah life
  • Ensure the spiritual ‘home’ and needs of Jews of all ages
  • Provide a place where individuals can express their commitment to Israel
  • Continue Judaic and spiritual programming to meet the growing needs of our community

For more information, or to join the KBI Legacy Chai Circle contact Josh Goldberg at 804-317-2515 or [email protected]

The KBI LEGACY CHAI CIRCLE is in partnership with The Richmond Jewish Foundation and the Harold Grinspoon Foundation (http://www.rjfoundation.org/wp-content/uploads/2015/09/Donor-Legacy-Plan-1.pdf).

Thank you to our Legacy Chai Circle Members. Please contact Miram Davidow or Josh Goldberg for more information. 

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Rabbi Michael Aronowitz
Rabbi Dovid Asher
Martin Blum
Joan & Stuart Cantor
Michal & Jason Caplan
Daniel Davidow
Miriam Davidow
Ben Freedlander
Sharyl Freedlander
Josh Goldberg
Elizabeth L. Fitzgerald
Elliot P. Fitzgerald
Alex Lebenstein (OBM)
Chuck & Judy Lessin
Suzanne & Joshua Peck Family
Rabbi Elliot Plotnick
Beverley & Jerry Soble
Bob Weisberger
David S. Winston & Rebecca Kalman-Winston
*Received as of 1/17/16